The artists from Odsherred have been a concept in Danish art history since the 1930-ies. when the varied landscape and beautiful bluish light made many artists settle here. 

Their artistic goal was primaraly to portray the nature and the landscape in the same way as seen in the artists colonies in Skagen and on Fuen.

After 1950 even more artists moved to the area, and the artistic focus changed partly from the landscape painting to a greater diversity in the expression. 

Today a lot of different styles is represented by the artists of Odsherred and there is a big and varied offer of art and handcraft. 

Odsherred was appointed Geopark under Unesco in 2014. My painting below was together with the contribution from 4 other artists from Odsherred appointed Poster for celebration of the Geopark 

Johan Thomas Lundbye was one of the first painters to portray the landscape of Odsherred. 

Autumn Lancscape.. Hankehoej near Vallekilde. 1847. 

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Odsherred and the Art. 

To paint landscapes is a bit different from my normal way of working, but it is at the same time a fine way to immerse myself in memories from my childhood in Odsherred. 

Many, many years ago when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I met my first painter. He sitting just round the corner near our summerhouse with his easel and a palet with so many beautiful and alluring colors. They made a very big impression on me, I still remember the green and the cinnoberred. I was standing there, my head was in niveau with his palet, and it was really a revelation to see the colors especially the cinnoberred and the light yellow. His name was Kalle Bovin, and his was a very extraodinary painter from the area. When I grew up I met many of the painters up there like Holmer Trier and Poul S. Nielsen. 

Of course in those days I had absolutely no precognition that I myself  would be an artist some day. Normally I work with other projects and problems in my artistic life, but I like to show my respect to these painters who made my childhood more beautiful by painting the landscapes that made so big an impact on me and my eyes in those days. So actually my landscapes are momories. Memories from long ago. I also rather quickly discovered that the painting of landscapes is run by the same rules as other forms of visual art. 

Below here you can see examples of the art from the old painters from Odsherred, who still are a big inspiration through their clever and sensitive description of the landscape. 



Kalle Bovin. Road in Odsherred. 



Kaj Ejstrup. Landscape. 



Holmer Trier. Old Hoerve. 


Poul S. Nielsen. Landscape. 


Laurits Hartz. Landscape.