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The Gallery of Summer. 

A meetingplace for art and life. 

The summer being the time of happiness, light and days with no end just like a youth without old age. Dreamtime.  

In the Gallery of Summer you will primaraly meet art exposing pictures from you mind or memory. Maybe from you childhood, mabye from a beautiful afternoon filled with sun, that stayed with you for ever. Maybe from the happy day when  a lover with chestnut hair followed you down a road, you never saw again. That makes the Gallery of Summer a place for dreams, dreams of long gone moments and a childhood hidden i the maze of memory. At dream of what could have been - and maybe will be created from the void of the future. 

The Gallery of Summer is the place, where one half om my artistic work is rooted. The place, where the more figurative pictures can be seen - these pictures being a condition for my fabulations. Welcome to this place.  

About me is just to say, that I was born in 1943 in a small town on Seeland, Denmark called Hoerve. It is situated in Odsherred, the region no one leaves without carrying its mark on him. I had my debut on the juried exhibitioin Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling in 2011, when I was 68 years old and the time had come. Before that I had done my chores and been educated as an historian on the University of Copenhagen in the years 1962-69, and then I worked with great pleasure on the Highschool of Slagelse until 2008. That year I started more seriously with art and have since had exhibitions in USA, ( New York and other places), Germany, Greece, Poland and Denmark. In connection with my work I have recieved many awards, grants and destinctions. You can see exhibitions and cv on www.svenfroekjaer.com or by clicking here

The Gallery of Summer mirrors my work with figurative art, which is a condition for me to maintain the tecnical niveau and artistic freedom nescessary to create my fabulations and the other art projects, which are the other half of my artistic work.  

Therefore I am working in two different areas, one with the object of depiction the real world often seen through the filter of childhood, the other an exploration of the many and great possibilities of human kind thorough working with structures and functions in the modern artistic universe. These two parts of my work strengthen each other and are in a strange way dependent on each other at the same time. A true well of joy. 

In the Gallery of Summer you can - among other things - meet:  


Lancscapes primaraly from Odsherred.

Click the picture, Field at Kaarup, Odsherred to reach the landscapes.








Click the pictures, Flower from Nekseloe, to reach the flowers.



The human body. 

Click on the pictures, Young Girl in Coal, to reach the humans.


And much more, even fabulations.